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Clarity 15.9.3 interactive upgrade fails to validate Tomcat 9


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Clarity 15.9.3 interactive installer upgrade option fails to validate the Tomcat 9 Home Directory and 15.9.3 Build fails. 

Steps to Reproduce:   

  1. Try upgrading a Clarity 15.9.2 instance by using the 15.9.3 interactive installer.

  2. Input Tomcat 9 as the tomcat home directory for the upgrade

Expected Results: Successfully upgrade to Clarity 15.9.3. 

Actual Results: 15.9.3 build fails while trying to validate Tomcat 9 directory. 


Release 15.9.3 



  • Impacts On-Premise customers using the interactive installation script for Clarity. 
  • SaaS and users of the silent installer will not have this problem. 
  • Tomcat web server which was tested and shipped with Clarity 15.9.3 is Apache Tomcat 8.5.65 and Tomcat 9.0.45.
  • Unable to upgrade to 15.9.3 when Tomcat 9 is used as home, and forced to upgrade using Tomcat 8 home and then later upgrade to Tomcat 9. 


  • Before doing the upgrade/installation, create file @ <installer extracted folder> with the entry: '15.9.3.j2ee.home=<tomcat 9 home directory>'.
  • Run 15.9.3 interactive upgrade by providing the Tomcat 8 home directory. 


Fixed in Release 16.0.0