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UIM detecting IP address reuse


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We often see events where someone manually assigns an IP Address to a device that already in use.  Due to this IP address assignment, the server that had that IP Address previously, goes out of the network and causes an outage.

We would like to explore possibility of tracking this event and generating an alert so that we can get notified and take corrective actions to prevent business impact.


Release : 20.3


User error


If an IP address assigned to a robot is reused, and UIM is unable to reach that robot due to IP address being duplicated, an "inactive robot" alarm would be expected, but the reason for this alarm would not be identified.  Likewise, a probe like net_connect may be able to monitor that the IP address of a device is unreachable, but the reason of this would not be identified.  Other than this, UIM would not be able to detect and report on the accidently reuse of an IP address.