Gen: Activate DB2 New Function Level V12R1M510
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Gen: Activate DB2 New Function Level V12R1M510


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Gen - Host Encyclopedia


What are the requirements to activate DB2 function level V12R1M510 to be fulfilled from a CA GEN Host Encyclopedia/ CA GEN Toolset perspective in order to successfully activate the new function level? Are there specific PTFs that need to be installed? Are there binds/rebinds that have to be issued before activating function level V12R1M510? 



GEN Release 8.6



If all works fine on DB2 V12 M509 (ie without new func mode), then all will still be fine to apply the new func mode to DB2 V12 and no need to re-BIND Gen DBRMs.  

Part of the conversion to M510 is a job that checks when packages being used were last BOUND and against which version of DB2. 

Assuming this has been done, this re-BIND to use DB2 V12, and within the required time, then another re-BIND is not needed. 

This is documented in the DB2 guide:

Please refer to the GEN Community Announcement, which references PTFs for DB2 V12:

Gen 8.6 product download solutions for UPGRADE C, C++, COBOL AND DB2 FOR GENERATORS AND RUNTIMES:

These PTFs deliver re-compiled code for Gen generators and Gen runtimes that can run in either DB2 V12 or DB2 V11 at V11R1M510.  These PTFs do NOT provide fixes required to enable Gen to run on DB2 V12. Gen without these PTFs can run on DB2 V12. Gen with these PTFs cannot run on DB2 V10 or DB2 V11R1M509.  

DB2 V12 new functions can be applied regardless of applying the Gen Upgrade PTFs.