Process Monitoring: Reports stuck "Transfering" after filesystem full
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Process Monitoring: Reports stuck "Transfering" after filesystem full


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CA Automic One Automation CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


The filesystem on our SAP Agent server was full and as a result  JOBS could not be started any more.

After freeing space in the Filesystem most Jobs started again fine, but we have a lot of Tasks in Monitoring with Reports that are stuck in status Transferring. We cannot cancel this tasks.


In the Agent temp folder, we can see that Agent log and some Reports have a size 0 bytes and haven't changed even after having made enough place in the filesystem:

Additionally, we have also found a Job that is hanging in this Agent in status "Scanning reports" and cannot be cancelled.  The reports that must be transferred do not exist.

How can we fix these problems and cancel those tasks?


Release : 12.3


Sub-Component: Agent


Filesystem full while Agent was submitting Jobs


Restart the impacted agents where the filesystem had been full to fix the issue, that way upon restart those Tasks will Abort.

In some occasions, notably when dealing with huge Agent Log files or reports having been created causing the filesystem issue, it is a good idea to move the log files from the temp folder before starting the Agent so that they are not uploaded to the AE Database upon restart.