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Web Agent on IIS with multiple ACO configuration without using GUI


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When running a Web Agent with IIS, how to configure applications with
different ACO, without using the GUI configurator ?




At first glance, you can configure the ACO by Application Pool in
unattended mode as per documentation (1).


Additional Information



    Configure Multiple Agent Configurations for Application Pools

      You can support independent agent configurations for application
      pools and their websites for Microsoft IIS Server. CA Single Sign-On
      provides a separate Web Agent configuration file for each
      application pool in your environment; this lets you configure
      different settings for different application pools and their
      websites. Configure an agent configuration object (ACO) for each
      application pool you want to manage independently.

      Configuration Using the Unattended Mode


      2. Run the configuration wizard:

  ca-wa-config.cmd -i silent -f silent_property_filename