Unable to update ABRCA root certificate on CAS-S200 appliance.
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Unable to update ABRCA root certificate on CAS-S200 appliance.


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The CAS S200 appliance only support version 2.x version and does not support version 3.x.

The requirement for the ABRCA root certificate update is to upgrade to at least version and then do a manual update of the trust-package and the appliance certificate.

However there is an issue where the appliance did not update the ABRCA root certificate even after done the above.


There are multiple factors that could contribute to the issue and two of the factors are:

1. A bug that prevents the ABRCA root certificate been updated.

2. Communication issue with the trust-package or the appliance certificate server.


There are two options to resolved the issue.

1. Update the trust-package from the local HTTP web server and enable the proxy setting in order for the appliance to update the appliance certificate.

2. Having the appliance have direct internet access to update the trust-package and appliance certificate with the proxy setting is disabled.