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VIP Self-Service Portal not automatically redirecting to MyVIP


Article ID: 228473


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VIP Service


VIP SSP does not automatically redirect to My VIP when the automatic redirect option is enabled. 


IdP Proxy Service Settings are being retained in the SSP settings


Under the Self Service Portal IdP Configuration settings, Set the Enable IdP Proxy Service to No:

Apply the changes and restart.


If the issue persists, these steps will remove the current SSP/MyVIP settings and allow you to recreate the service:

  1. Stop the Self Service Portal IdP service from the VIP Console, then log out of the console.
  2. Browse to the <path to VIP EG>VIP_Enterprise_Gateway\IDP\services\SSP and delete the jetty folders (example: jetty-, jetty-, etc).
  3. Browse to the <path to VIP EG>VIP_Enterprise_Gateway\IDP\services\SSP\conf folder, then rename ssp.conf to ssp.conf.old.
  4. Log in to the VIP EG console, then enable and reconfigure the Self Service Portal IdP service.