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Re-scan of data model never finish


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


While trying to rescan a datamodel, where PII was done and every tables confirmed, it never ends.

There are errors in logs:
2021-11-05 08:52:07.584 [ERROR] [https-openssl-nio-8443-exec-9] --- [U:seadmbatch][M:POST][P:/api/ca/v1/projects/25246/versions/34938/actions/calculateTableOrder]                   c.c.t.m.o.s.TableOrderGenerator:  Unable to remove foreign key link afterTableForeignKey : TableForeignKeyDefinition [tfdTableId=2059636, tfdColumnPos=1, tfdFkeyName=FK_DemandeIGEDIA_SourceExpressVersion_DemandeIGEDIA, tfdRefTableName=DemandeIGEDIA, tfdTableName=DemandeIGEDIA_SourceExpressVersion, tfdFkeySeq=5, tfdColumnName=IdDemandeIGEDIA, tfdProjId=25246, tfdPvId=32016, tfdRefColumnName=Id, tfdFkeyStatus=ENABLED, tfdRepeater=null, dateCreated=2021-09-17 16:54:26.0, whoCreated=seadmbatch, programCreated=TDMApi, dateUpdated=2021-09-17 16:54:26.0, whoUpdated=seadmbatch, programUpdated=TDMApi] 

The database to rescan is a MSSQL 2012 one.

CA TDM Portal release is 4.9.361


Release : 4.9.1

Component : Web Portal - Data Modeling

Resolution resolves this issue.