Agent appears Duplicated when Active in Agents / ACTEX
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Agent appears Duplicated when Active in Agents / ACTEX


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


After a network issue, one of the RA Agents (JMS02) appears displayed twice when it's Started with the same Agent Name / IP in the list of Agents as shown below:

When the Agent is Stopped only one line is displayed in the List, but as soon as it's started again two lines are displayed.

Additionally, we cannot delete the Agent from AE it throws the error: "Failed to delete the Agent".

Otherwise, if we try to delete it from Client 0 - Process Assembly - Host - when the Agent is stopped the button Delete is greyed out so we can't delete it.


If we do a query to the AE database, table MQSRV, there is only one line when the Agent is started.

If we do a search in the database, table ACTEX searches for the actex_oh_idnr that corresponds to the agent (JMS02), there are two lines when the Agent is started ---> this is wrong.

How can we remove the agent and declare it properly again?


Release : 12.x

Component : Automation Engine

Sub-Component: Agents ( same could occur to any kind of Agent)


Unknown: Issue was caused after a network outage that affected the Automation Engine and this particular Agent


In order to delete properly the Agent, the records in ACTEX table need to be deleted, since this is a touchy procedure, please open a case with Technical Support to provide you the statements and the reference to this Knowledge Article.

Once it's done, the PWP Role needs to be assigned to another WP:

Automation Engine Management --> Processes and Utilization --> RightClick on a WP which is not  a PWP, RWP or OWP already --> Server Mode -->  Change Server Mode to PWP

This will force the PWP to read the updated ACTEX table and now when Starting the Agent, only one line will be created in ACTEX table and only one line will be displayed in Agent List.