Portal integration bundle status wrong in portal 5.02 or 5.1
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Portal integration bundle status wrong in portal 5.02 or 5.1


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CA API Developer Portal


After upgrading to  portal 5.02 or 5.1  and upgrading the portal integration bundle on the  proxy gateway , the proxy status says the integration bundle needs to be updated while the gateway has the latest integration bundle  installed.


Release : 5.0.2

Component : API PORTAL


In the current design the scheduled task "Portal Sync Application" is reporting back the bundle and otk version to the portal, but after updating the integration bundle we are instructed to disable  this task .

The documentation says to do the following after the update :

Disable Legacy Synchronization Tasks in the Gateway

After updating the Portal Integration bundle and vrifying that enhanced synchronization is active, you'll need to disable the following legacy synchronization tasks from the Gateway:
Portal Sync Application
Portal Bulk Sync Application

This is causing the problem with the bundle and otk version in portal .


To have the correct bundle version and otk version reported to portal , enable this task again and make sure it is at least executed  once after the upgrade then disable it again to prevent the logs to be filled with error message for this task.

The engineering team is aware and this will be fixed in a future release