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New value of msg_hdr truncated to 255 characters


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CA Service Desk Manager CA Service Management - Service Desk Manager


Meaning of the following message in the stdlog materials.

01/31 02:25:34.43 SDM-SERVER domsrvr 12352 SIGNIFICANT val_attr.c 1367 New value of msg_hdr in lr:93966587 truncated to 255 characters; using 255 single and multi-bytes; 31 bytes lost 


Release : 17.3

Component : Svc Desk Performance


This message has to do with outgoing notifications.  The above references object "lr" which corresponds to the not_log or Notify_Log_Header table.  Attribute msg_hdr is defined as a String with 255 characters.

When notifications are logged to the notification log table, if the length of the content of that notification is bigger than the field, then it will truncate the message and throw this error in the logs.

This is likely because there is a notification template that is sending out rather large notifications of some sort (maybe its sending out with longer logged comments or descriptions etc...).


While the message is not a problem, it may continue to fill up the stdlogs which can sometimes make it difficult to troubleshoot other issues.  It may also cause the not_log table to grow in size much faster due to the larger amount of content being written