Alert Central CAACTEST verification program failed
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Alert Central CAACTEST verification program failed


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


I have just installed Alert Central and am trying to test it. This is the output of the JCL test : 

Input: ADDCOL description 'Alert created by CAACTEST verification program'      
Input: ADDCOL severity 3                                                        
Input: SETANSWER 2000                                                           
Input: SHOWANSWER                                                               
Input: RUN    0                                                                 
callAPI rc=8/8/42 Ans=0/2000 ID=0 HTTP=0 Cancelled - system time limit exceeded 
1 of 1 tests failed                                                             



Release : 14.0

Component : Alert Central Connector


From the Alert Central Connector started task log the following messages indicate that the AT-TLS policy is not defined:

11:13:24.124 CAAC0001I Alert Central Connector for z/OS Version 1.0.00 ready for requests
 11:13:26.039 CAAC0602I LOGIN successful
 11:13:26.042 CAAC0606E Query for failed - HTTP rc=400
 11:13:26.042    HTTP/1.1 400 

Recommend reviewing and implementing the section of the Alert Central Connector manager titled "Update AT-TLS Policy" under the "Secure Communications" chapter.