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Cloning a Job is creating a duplicate of each of its tasks


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IT Management Suite


A customer reported the following:

"During cloning a Job, it is creating a duplicate of each task that was part of the original Job.  It is getting a large number of cloned tasks listed overtime causing the tree to get larger and larger".


Steps to duplicate:

  1. Create a new Client Job
  2. Add an existing Task, like "Send Basic Inventory".
  3. Save the Job.
  4. Clone the Job.
  5. You will notice a cloned version of the task called like "Send Basic Inventory_1" under the cloned job and under the same folder where the original task was residing.

Now, also if you do this:

  1. If you choose a Client Job and add a "New" task and select a pre-existing task like "Send Basic Inventory" and save the changes, it also add a duplicate of the task as soon as you save it.

  2. And if you clone that same Client Job, it also adds a clone of the task under the folder where you have the Client Job.


Default behavior prior to ITMS 8.6 RU1 release.


ITMS 8.5 RU4, 8.6 GA


What was described above regarding cloning Jobs and creating copies of its tasks is something that we have addressed with our 8.6 RU1 release.

Under our 8.6 RU1 release notes:

Clone a job without cloning the items that this job contains.
The Shallow clone option lets you clone a job without cloning the items that this job contains. This feature lets you replicate the process that this job represents while replacing the items within that job.


With ITMS 8.6 RU1 you should have "Shallow Clone" option in job clone UI that allows to re-use the same tasks (and not create their copies) in newly cloned job.