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Sysview for Db2 (IDB2) NSGHTEXA Exit to support RACF GroupIDs


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SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


Two RACF GROUPS have been defined with one needing SYSADM IDB2 security and the other DBA security.  The first four bytes of the groupID are the same with the last four bytes being different.  Both of these IDs have been defined in IDB2's Security file with their respective security levels.  What code change needs to be done with the NSGHTEXA exit to support these two GroupIDs and set the correct IDB2 security level(menu)?

Here is the modification to the IDB2 Security File to add the two RACF GroupIDs:







Release : 20.0

Component : SYSVIEW Performance Management Option for DB2 for z/OS


In the NSGHTEXA exit find the section CHANGEGROUPPREFIX (as stated in the comments of the exit) and modify the compare of the GroupID (CLC) to reference 8 bytes instead of 4.  This change is necessary to evaluate the full 8 bytes of the GroupID to obtain the appropriate IDB2 security level(menu) since the first 4 bytes are the same in the ID. 


         MVC   0(8,R1),=CL8'SYSTEM  '   
         CLC   0(4,R2),=CL4'NPLDABCD'   ======> change to  CLC  0(8,R2),=CL8'NPLDABCD'             
         BER   R14                                                       
         MVC   0(8,R1),=CL8'DBA     '    
         CLC   0(4,R2),=CL4'NPLDHIJK'     ======> change to  CLC  0(8,R2),=CL8'NPLDHIJK'                                    
         BER   R14      




After recompiling and re-linking the exit, it is necessary to cycle the associated IDB2 tasks (PC, DC, VTAM) to pick up this modification.  



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