DevTest 10.6 Workstation Backwards Compatibility
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DevTest 10.6 Workstation Backwards Compatibility


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Hi, Broadcom Support

We would like to know if the new version of DevTest Workstation, 10.6, is backward compatible with version 10.2 Registries.

If someone installs the new Workstation (10.6) on their computer, could they still work in an existing 10.2 environment?




DevTest workstation 10.6

Service Virtualization


Using a 10.6 workstation in a 10.2 environment is not supported.

With the release of 10.7 you can now use 10.6 workstations with NEWER versions such as 10.7, but going backward is not supported.

Note: Connecting 10.6 Portal and Registry with 10.7 IAM and Enterprise Dashboard .


Although not officially supported you can a side-by-side installation of two versions of the workstation on the same machine into different directories.
The end-user just be careful not to use the wrong version with the incorrect backend.