MSP: Copy and paste from one project to another
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MSP: Copy and paste from one project to another


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Is there any reason why you should not copy and paste tasks from one project to another? Or if this type of copying and pasting is okay, what is the correct way to do it?


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Copying and pasting from one project to another is supported. There are a few things to note, depending on which version of Clarity you are on.

15.7.1 and higher

  • Ensure that you save the file for the copy-paste to complete.
  • Before you copy the tasks from the Source project to the destination project, initially copy and paste resources (from the resources sheet) from the source to the destination to avoid resource not found errors. This information and more on MSP integration can be found at: Copy and Paste Project Tasks in MSP
  • Text1 data will get removed on the save back to Clarity for any full rows of tasks copied and pasted to prevent a duplicate task ID error from occurring in the copy and paste scenario 

Known Defect

Note the following defect that impacts 15.7.1 through 15.9.1 if using this method for copying and pasting: MSP: Copying entire task rows duplicates or moves some tasks

15.7 and lower

When copying and pasting from one project to another, using highlighting of entire rows and copying and pasting is not supported. See: MSP copying and pasting tasks - supported method for Clarity for more details and the recommended method.