Resource termination - deactivation steps
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Resource termination - deactivation steps


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Other than jobs, what are the areas that you are required to update after a resource's termination?


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1. Deactivate the resource

Other users cannot assign deactivated resources or roles to tasks.

The inactive resource or role continues to appear in the resource list unless you filter it out. 

To inactivate a user from both the Administration and Home side

  1. In the Clarity Menu, go to Administration, and from Organization and Access, click Resources.
  2. Click on a Clarity Resource
  3. Update the status to the appropriate level (inactive or locked)
    • Active: (Default) Activates and enables the resource for assignment projects.
    • Inactive: Deactivates and prevents the resource from being assigned to projects unless the filter is set to display inactive resources.
    • Lock: Prevents the resource from logging in to Clarity.
  4. This will inactivate the user from Home->Resources as well.

To inactivate the user only from Home->Resources

  1. Go to Home->Resource Management->Resources.
  2. Open the resource or role.
  3. Clear the Active check box, and click Save.

Enter a termination date for the resource

  1. Go to Home->Resource Management->Resources.
  2. Open the resource or role.
  3. Enter the Date of Termination and save

2. Close the resource for time entry

Check to make sure there are no outstanding open timesheets that need to be submitted and posted. Once that is completed, close the resource for time entry

  1. Open Home, and from Resource Management, click Resources.
  2. Open the resource
  3. Click on the Settings drop-down and uncheck Open for Time Entry

3. Reassign the manager role for any active investments

Filter for any active investments assigned to the manager and reassign those investments to an active resource.

4. Reallocate project team/assignment responsibilities

To check which active projects the user is assigned to:

  1. Go to Home->Resource Management->Resources.
  2. Open the resource or role.
  3. Go to the Allocations tab
  4. You can click on each project to replace the resource with a different team member (or remove them if they do not need to be replaced)

5. Check for jobs scheduled by the user

Step 1: Determine which jobs are scheduled by the user

Run the following query:

select J.STATUS_CODE, J.SCHEDULE_DATE, J.LAST_UPDATED_DATE, D.JOB_CODE,, r.first_name, r.last_name, r.user_name, j.last_updated_by, j.created_by from

where 1=1
order by j.schedule_date

Step 2: Change the owner of the scheduled jobs to another user

Database updates are not supported, so the one option would be to perform the below through the UI:

  1. Go to Reports and Jobs
  2. Click on the Jobs tab
  3. On the Jobs tab drop-down, select 'Scheduled Jobs'
  4. Click on the job 
  5. Take a screenshot (or note) of the job settings including:
    • Parameters
    • When
    • Notify
    • Sharing
  6. Click 'Return'
  7. Select the job and cancel it
  8. Recreate the scheduled job using the steps taken in #5 above. 

6. Check for reports scheduled by the user

For scheduled reports, see: Transferring Ownership of Scheduled Report Jobs to Other Users in the Organization from Jaspersoft communities.

7. Check for impacted custom processes

Check with your process developers if you believe any custom processes may utilize this particular resource's name