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ERROR 401 User is not registered on the reporting server


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Clarity PPM SaaS


One of your users is unable to get report from Advance Reporting (Jaspersoft).

The user either receives the following error:

ERROR 401 User is not registered on the reporting server

OR it looks like it is loading, but then stops and nothing happens

It works from Safari, but not Edge or Chrome.



Release : 15.9.3+



The Jaspersoft log indicated the root cause:

2021-10-21T07:46:25,022 ERROR CsrfGuard,http-nio-8081-exec-345:45 [cppm####|reporting_end_user] - potential cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attack thwarted (user:<anonymous>, ip:###.#.#.##, method:POST, uri:/reportservice/flow.html/flowFile/Timesheet_report.xls, error:required token is missing from the request)


This means the web browser is losing a cookie when the export is being done.


Please have the user try the following:

1- Disable all browser add-ons and try again

2- Try a different browser (Edge, or Firefox)

3- Try from a different PC

Additional Information

A HAR file trace is useful in  confirming if this is the issue.