REST API Executions issue | '400' Bad request error.
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REST API Executions issue | '400' Bad request error.


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


REST API fails when 'Generate at Runtime' is not used on job object

2021-11-12 09:10:36             An error occured - after the request
2021-11-12 09:10:36 Response error code: 400 (Response family:CLIENT_ERROR), Exception: {
2021-11-12 09:10:36 "code" : 45111,
2021-11-12 09:10:36 "error" : "Object to be executed has to have the attribute \"generate at runtime\" set. ",
2021-11-12 09:10:36 "details" : "No detail information available."
2021-11-12 09:10:36 }:Bad Request




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The REST API is designed to only work with 'generate at runtime'. The reason for this is 'generate at activation time' the execution of the object is declined by the AE REST API since the activation could take time and the request could time out. To say this another way, the REST request cannot wait for the AE processing.