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wcc_config to change database results in E190977 - The WCC tables are not present in the database


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CA Workload Automation AE


Customer tries to switch WCC to another oracle database and gets error

E190977 - The WCC tables are not present in the database. Please check if the operational user has SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE permissions on the tables of schema user.
 Also check if --dbschemauser is properly specified and has WCC tables.


The user seems to have appropriate in the database and this used to work in WCC 11.4.x release, where the database objects have been created on first connection.


The version of WCC being used here is 12.0.1.


Release : 12

Component :


WCC 11.4.x used to create the needed schema tables/data in the database, during the startup/connection stages. 


However, for WCC 12.x to function, it requires all the needed WCC schema/skeleton data to exist, prior to connecting to that database.   


Run the 12.0.x installer and select the option to create WebUI database.  Once this is created, wcc_config can be run to change current database to this newly created database.