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Error: Isolating Video Conferencing Tools Fails


Article ID: 228183


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Web Isolation Web Isolation Cloud


Unable to connect webcam or join audio when using video conferencing applications such as Google Meet


If Isolation instance is deployed as Full Isolation then the best practice for all video streaming traffic (webex, zoom, google meet, etc) is to not Isolate. In this case a "pass" rule. There is a default rule created automatically called "Known Applications":

Make sure to add these applications to the rule above.

If Isolation instance is deployed as Selected Isolation then best practice is to exempt this traffic from being forwarded to Isolation in the first place. That way you don't have to create an extra rule on the Isolation instance.

This example is given using the "Web Isolation" Action Object that is only available in the SGOS version and later. Check Article ID: 201609

*This can also be done in any place you're forwarding data to Isolation*

You can set the Destination object to all of the same applications listed in the first image.