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Can't export libcap file from NetMaster - seeing IPPT0403 error


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NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP


I'm trying to export a SmartTrace to an HFS file, but I keep getting

IPPT0403 Trace export file failed to open: N16C82 PATH NOT DEFINED 

I'm exporting to /u/nmtrace/trace.cap and the file is defined with Global write, but I'm not sure why this is failing.

$ pwd                                                          
$ ls -al *.cap                                                 
-rwxrwxrwx   1 ANTLNL1  GA332760       0 Nov 10 13:04 trace.cap


In reviewing the USS permissions, the file permissions were correct, but the nmtrace  directory had insufficient permissions.


Release : 12.2

Component :Netmaster Network Management for TCP/IP


Both the file and directory need to be globally writeable.
The USS command
chmod 0777 nmtrace

corrected the problem.