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Endevor LU02924, LU02925 - Causing issues with CLI, E4E and B4GE


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Endevor Software Change Manager (SCM) Brightside


Endevor PTFs LU02924 and LU02925 introduced a breaking change to Endevor Web Services and it affected functionality of a few other components like Endevor CLI, E4E or B4G Explorer.

Endevor plugin for Zowe CLI may need an update after installation of Endevor Web Services PTF LU02925. 

Via transitive dependency, users of Explorer 4 Endevor and Bridge 4 Git Explorer plugins for Visual Studio Code will also be affected and need to update the respective plugins.




Users of the Endevor plugin for Zowe CLI version 6.x (@latest) will need to update their Endevor CLI plugin to version 6.4.0 or higher to keep using it after LU02925 is deployed.
Users of the 5.x version of the plugin (@zowe-v1-lts) are unaffected.


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