Problem with customize a theme
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Problem with customize a theme


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CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration DX NetOps


I use the CA-White theme as a starting point. The problem is that when I copy the content of the CA-White theme into my theme to be adapted, the menu bar is not on the left in the web browser, but at the top.  When switching back to CA-White then the menu bar is on the left (as expected).  Why a copied CA-White theme displays along to top?


Release : 21.2

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To use the theme ca-white, then white must use capital W, for example, ca-White.  The menu will then appear on the left.  Not using capital W (ca-white) then the menu will appear along the top, same as ca-Blue and ca-Grey.  The rule is simply if the theme name contains "White" then use the "vertical layout" with the theme otherwise use the "horizontal" layout.  We don't actually know if a theme is "OOTB" or not.