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Spectrum OneClick tomcat log filled with "ERROR: Attribute 0x12a28 does not exist in the attrColumnMap."


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CA Spectrum


OneClick tomcat log is filled with ERROR: Attribute 0x12a28 does not exist in the attrColumnMap.


Attribute User_Defined_1 = "0x12a28" and belongs to model type SM_ContactInfo which is an out of box model type but its not an instantiated model type,  that is the reason, not showing in OC Console.
Customer is sending REST actions to models that do not contain this model type, which is the reason for the error messages.


Release : 10.4.x, 21.x

Component : Spectrum OneClick


This will not impact any functionality and can be ignored, user should check to see what models he is sending the REST action to that do not contain model type SM_ContactInfo.