Splunk data source query create job failure
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Splunk data source query create job failure


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When running a Splunk data source query, the data source query job fails and the Splunk importer log captures the following errors:

[4:ERROR] SplunkApi.MoveNext() SplunkApiNonTimeSeries Create job failed.
[4:DEBUG] SplunkApi.MoveNext() SplunkApiNonTimeSeries IsCancellationRequested: True
[4:ERROR] SplunkApi.MoveNext() SplunkApiNonTimeSeries Create job failed.
[1:WARN] QueryRunnerBase.LoadFromSplunk() ProcessTimeSlice success=false
[1:ERROR] QueryRunnerBase.OnException() OnException()
System.Exception: *Failure during LoadFromSplunk*
 at BayDynamics.Splunk.Utils.Search.QueryRunnerBase.Execute() in <path>\QueryRunnerBase.cs:line 162
[1:ERROR] Program.Main() System.Exception: Failure during LoadFromSplunk
 at BayDynamics.Splunk.Utils.Search.QueryRunnerBase.Execute() in <path>\QueryRunnerBase.cs:line 180
 at BayDynamics.Splunk.Program.Main(String[] args) in <path>\Program.cs:line 156
EXIT SPLUNK IMPORTER RUN ID: dee2ac9c-2acd-4db6-9598-a05139b87a0e
EXIT STATUS: Error Loading from Splunk

The time elapsed between the time of job creation and cancellation is greater than or equal to 30 seconds (note the values in red):

2020-09-30 18:15:01,100 [1:DEBUG] SplunkApi.MoveNext() Creating job...
2020-09-30 18:15:01,147 [1:DEBUG] SplunkApi.MoveNext() Awaiting Job Creation...
2020-09-30 18:15:31,219 [10:ERROR] SplunkApi.MoveNext() TaskCanceledException Count 0 - continue.


Release : 6.5.4

Component : Splunk Import Utility


The Splunk SDK contains a hardcoded timeout of 30 seconds (30000 ms) to pass query configuration parameters to the Splunk server during the Splunk job creation process. This timeout in the SDK overrides any of the timeout settings passed by the ICA Splunk import utility.


This bug in the SDK has been reported to Splunk. Until a fix to the SDK is released, reducing the size and complexity of Splunk queries has been found to be an effective workaround.