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Roles needed for MS SQL Server UVMS and Reporter Database user


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We have moved our UVMS external Database MS SQL Server and Reporter Database to the new server. Customer want to know what role should be given to the DB users to connect from the Reporter and UVMS server.

We have tested with role “DB Reader/writer”, but we noticed that reporter extraction was not working and on UVMS we were unable to create user access to others.

Then we tried with “DB Owner” role which is full access to the DB and it worked.

So customer wants to know what role is appropriate for the DB  user to work all the functionality and justification for the same.


Release : 6.x

Component : Reporter

Database: MS SQL Server


Faulty documentation about necessary Roles for the DB user that Reporter uses to connect to the MS SQL Server Database.


Missing db_executor role for Reporter DB user as explained here