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Copy / Past Gateway published API on the proxy gateway is causing problems in portal


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CA API Developer Portal


Portal 5.02 GW 10 CR4 with latest portal integration .

When doing a copy and past for a existing Gateway published api in policymanager there is a issue with the task sync portal published api.

The current gateway publised API in portal will become the copy and there is no new API created .

Example if you have a API called MyAPI in portal and you copy and past it to MYAPI-NEW  the api in portal becomes MYAPI-NEW instead of adding a new API called MYAPI-NEW.


One part of the problem is :

During the copy / past the new API does not get a new APIID so there two API with the same API ID. but even if you update the API-ID before the next sync it still does not work , the API in portal gets the new APIID but the original API is still gone and no new API is created. in Portal


Release : 5.0.2

Component : API PORTAL

Gateway  10 CR4 with latest portal integration . UTC.20210430.1200.00


Workaround to get the old API back on portal .

Set the original service  to disabled in API gateway , wait for next run of task  "sync gateway  published api." 

Set the original service to  enabled again and it should show up in portal again with the next run .