How to export job reports from database
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How to export job reports from database


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CA Automic One Automation


Is there a documentation guide we can use to extract all the job reports?


Release : 12.x, 21.x

Component : Automic Workload Automation


You can use the db archive to "unload" reports from specific objects - which is to say to write those reports out to file without marking for archive or deleting them from the database.

For example, I have an object called JOBP.32898345.  If I run the archive to get all reports for it, the command looks like:

ucybdbar.exe -B -D0100 -XReport -NJOBP.32898345

You can also add in start date and end date parameters and use -N* for getting all reports - however, it looks like there is a cap on the number of reports that can be grabbed at once.

UCYBDBar -B -Xreport -N* -T120211001000000 -T220211005000000 -P"C:\temp\rep"

Grabs All jobs (N*) that started after midnight 2021/10/01 (-T120211001000000) and ended before midnight 2021/10/05 (-T220211005000000) and puts them into C:\temp\ and starts them with the name rep (-P"C:\temp\rep")

So final list looks like:

Additional Information

More info is in docs here: