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Errors running - Error: unknown command "yq" for "yq"


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DX Operational Intelligence


Running the script is reporting the following error for each yaml encountered


Getting yaml file for deployment/doi-incidentmanagement
Error: unknown command "yq" for "yq"
Run 'yq --help' for usage.



The script calls the yq utility via docker but is sensitive to the version of this image that is used - it must be version 3 - the latest is now version 4 which is not compatible with the syntax in which the script currently calls it.


Release : 21.3

Component :


Edit the and change line 123 from
 docker run --rm -i -v ${PWD}:/workdir:z mikefarah/yq yq [email protected]
 docker run --rm -i -v ${PWD}:/workdir:z mikefarah/yq:3 yq [email protected]

Then re-run the script