CABI 7.1.1 migration steps to another folder or partition
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CABI 7.1.1 migration steps to another folder or partition


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CA Spectrum


JasperSoft version 7.1.1. on RHEL7. 
What steps are necessary to migrate the Tomcat and PostgresSQL to another partition?
And what are the directory dependencies for the two applications?


Release : 21.2

Component : Spectrum Reporting


1. Export the content from the old CA Business Intelligence server:
    a. Log in to CA Business Intelligence server as superuser/superuser
    b. Click Manage, Server Settings, and Export.
    c. Specify a file name for the export data.
    d. Select the content to export.
    e. Click Export

2. Backup your CA Business Intelligence server database:
    a. Create a folder where you can save your jasperserver database.
        For example, /tmp/JS_BACKUP  
    b. Run the following commands:   <postgresql path>/bin/pg_dump --username=postgres jasperserver > <path>/JS_BACKUP/js-db-dump.sql

        For example:
        /opt/CA/SharedComponents/CA\ Business\ Intelligence/postgresql/bin/pg_dump --username=postgres jasperserver > /tmp/JS_BACKUP/js-db-dump.sql

  1. Uninstall current CA Business Intelligence server.

    4. Reinstall new CA Business Intelligence server to the correct location.

    5. Import content into new CA Business Intelligence server:
      a.    Log in to CABI Server as a system administrator  (e.g. superuser);
      b.    Navigate to 'Manage' ->'Server Settings', then click 'Import';
        c.    Select the file to Import, then click Import.