ERRORCODE=-4220 while masking in FDM
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ERRORCODE=-4220 while masking in FDM


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CA Test Data Manager (Data Finder / Grid Tools)


Working on DB2 v11.1 data masking in FDM 4.9.195 and getting below error. [jcc][t4][1065][12306][4.19.66] Caught  See attached Throwable for details. ERRORCODE=-4220, SQLSTATE=null

This issue is happening with below data in the database:

寿健迱忿  ,  æ¿ 巿帿仲恺髿æ¿

These are some special characters where FDM tool is not able to handle.


Release : 4.9

Component :


This issue/error is caused due to the limitation with the third party DB2 driver not able to work with the special characters in the data stored in DB and TDM/FDM doesn't have control over that.


To resolve this issue, work with your DBA to correct the data in the source DB or work with DB2 support for getting support on these characters.

At this point, TDM is restricted by the options provided by DB2.