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Cannot synchronize Email Quota in Exchange provisioning connector


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CA Identity Manager


We want email quota values from Active Directory account template to be propagated to AD/exchange account during synchronization.

We have the following values in the account template:

eTADSmDBUseDefaults: FALSE
eTADSmDBStorageQuota: 102456
eTADSmDBOverQuotaLimit: 102456
eTADSmDBOverHardQuotaLimit: 102456

When we use this account template to create a new user, it works fine.

However, when we try to assign this account template (via a provisioning role) to existing account and synchronize, that account still have default quota values.


When synchronizing an account template with an account using weak synchronization, IM provisioning server considers which value is "better": template value or account value.

"Better" value then is assigned to account attribute.

An account has eTADSmDBUseDefaults=TRUE (it has default quota values). Other quota attributes have 0 value.

eTADSmDBUseDefaults attribute is boolean, and TRUE value is considered to be "better".

For integer values like eTADSmDBStorageQuota bigger value is "better".

So resulting values for account will be:

eTADSmDBUseDefaults: TRUE  (it's better than FALSE)
eTADSmDBStorageQuota: 102456  (it's better than 0)
eTADSmDBOverQuotaLimit: 102456
eTADSmDBOverHardQuotaLimit: 102456

When those values are sent to AD/Exchange system eTADSmDBUseDefaults=TRUE prevails over other quota values, and the result is default quotas for AD/Exchange account.


Release : 12.x, 14.x



Use strong synchronization in account template.

Please note that if a provisioning role has more than one account template associated with the same AD endpoint, you need to ensure that all such account templates have eTADSmDBUseDefaults=FALSE value, otherwise even strong sync won't work.