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Screen reader does not announce the toast message content on My timesheet page in Firefox


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The Toast message is not announced. This issue is impacts all Clarity pages, not just the My Timesheets page in Firefox with Jaws. 

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Login to the Modern User Experience (MUX) using Windows with Firefox browser
  2. Navigate to My timesheets
  3. Add a task ex: task1
  4. In classic UI, close task1 for time entry
  5. Now try to enter time in MUX for task.
  6. Toast message appears saying "Task is not open for time entry"

Expected results: Screen reader announces toast message content.

Actual results: Toast message is not announced.



This is a defect DE62720


Browser: Firefox (FF) on Windows


The defect is fixed in 16.0.1 

Additional Information


  • Works fine on Windows: Chrome and Edge browsers with Jaws 
  • Also works fine on Mac: with Chrome and VoiceOver