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snmptd probe deletes space when formatting multiline MIB


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


snmptd Probe version 3.31_HF1 (and most of the older versions too) will incorrectly lose spaces when importing the mib description.


For example, the netapp.mib file has stanzas like:

 shelfFault                      NOTIFICATION-TYPE
 OBJECTS                         {productTrapData, productSerialNum}
 STATUS                          current
  "A disk storage shelf reported a fault, probably due
  to a problem with drive placement, fans, power,
  or temperature."

 ::= { netapp 0 103 }


Note how this description is broken into multiple lines with no trailing spaces and several leading spaces



When $MIB_DESCR is used in a message it winds up like this:

 [ A disk storage shelf reported a fault, probably dueto a problem with drive placement, fans, power,or temperature. ]


Notice how there's no space between "due" and "to" and again no space between "power," and "or".



Release : 20.3

Component : UIM - SNMPTD


This is a known defect.  It will be fixed in the next GA release of the probe (expected to be 3.32).  We do not have any ETA at this time.