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Corporate OneDrive exclusions not working as expected - "Failed to resolve path filter" error in logs.


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Data Loss Prevention Endpoint Prevent


You are trying to configure DLP Agents to allow the uploading data to your corporate OneDrive - but it is being blocked by the DLP agent. 

You have followed the instructions in this article: Best practices for DLP endpoint monitoring of Microsoft Office cloud storage locations (


%HOMEPATH%\*, %HOMEPATH%\OneDrive – <Your-Company-OneDrive-Directory-Name>\*, %HOMEPATH%\OneDrive\*

But uploads are still blocked.


Release : 15.7+

Component : Default-Sym


If you review the Endpoint Agent logs, you may see the following error:

10/15/2021 11:22:50 |  7636 | WARNING | FileSystem.MessageListener | Failed to resolve path filter (%HOMEPATH%\*,%HOMEPATH%\OneDrive – <Your-Company-OneDrive-Directory-Name>\*) because of error: EnvVariableResolver::Resolve() - GetLongPathName failed. Error code: 2684354683



The above error indicates the entries in your filters are comma-separated.

Ensure that any entires in your File Path "Ignore" Filters are entered as New Line entries (this is per documentation but the UI does not perform any check on save).

(And yes, the commas shown above at the end of each entry are added after saving, by the UI.)


If that still fails, try adding the wildcards as above, to the File Path "Ignore" Filters:


Save and update the configuration and verify changes at the Agent level after the updates are received.