Spool - ESFPARM printer initialize parameters
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Spool - ESFPARM printer initialize parameters


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I need to know which ESFPARM controls initial print file state when it enters queue. The print files come into CA Spool queue with HELD status. This was ok when testing.

I'm done testing and need the print files to come into queue and not be HELD. I need them to be released automatically when they reach the CA Spool print queue.


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


There are 2 alternative solutions:

1) Change the JES2 parameters to make the OUTDISP of the class Q "WRITE,WRITE"
This can be changed dynamically with the JES2 command below:


For a permanent resolution the JES2 parameters must be changed accordingly.

2) Include a DESTID statement in the CA Spool ESFPARM file to change the normal file disposition to "W":


Possible FNORDISP values are:

W Prints and purges the file.
H Holds the file. If the file is released, it is printed and purged.
K Prints and keeps the file.
L Holds the file. If the file is released, it is printed and kept.
P Purges and prints the file

Also, if the held files arrive via the Spool XFERSAPI interface, you can try the following:

XFEROPT=15 -- Files created with Output Statement parameter OUTDISP=HOLD are placed in HELD status when they reach Spool using XFERSAPI.

XFEROPT=15 causes OUTDISP=HOLD to be ignored and the files to be available for print immediately.