Best practice in merging landscapes from Legacy to Huge during an Upgrade using Modeling Gateway
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Best practice in merging landscapes from Legacy to Huge during an Upgrade using Modeling Gateway


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps



We are in the process of upgrading Spectrum implementation from 10.2 to 21.2. As we are also switching to huge landscape, we will be using modeling gateway export/import method.

When we are testing the new servers, we realized that whenever we import the MLS export file from 10.2 into the MLS of 21.2, both MLS and one other landscape crashes. Both servers can be restarted with no problems but the imported data vanishes.

During the export, we can see that several elements such as GCs or policies are getting created.

Can you help us with the best possible way to migrate to our huge landscape on a newer version of Spectrum?


Release : 21.2, 22.2

Component  SPCDIS  / Modeling Gateway


Modeling Gateway has been improved over the years and the newer versions are not compatible with older versions.



1. From the newer version SS that has the huge Landscape Handle you will connect remotely to the older SS landscape to start the export.

2. As the Modeling Gateway uses CORBA, you will need to temporarily add the new 21.2 landscape to the older SS .hostrc file.

3. Initiate the export as from the newer version SS

modelinggateway -vnm <10.2_SS_hostname> -e exportfilename.xml -o exportlog.log


4. Once the export is complete you can remove the entry in the older SS .hostrc file from Step 2.

5. Import the data on the 21.2 SS as 

modelinggateway -vnm <21.2_SS_hostname> -i exportfilename.xml -o importlog.log


6. Repeat steps 2-5 for any other remaining landscapes.



Additional Information

Its never a good idea to leave the newer SS host entry in the older SS .hostrc file longer than necessary, however, as this method is using a script and is only connecting via a script to gather the export data, there should not be any issues with this.

For additional information regarding the Modeling Gateway

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