How to get the full list of Fixes and Release Dates for a version
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How to get the full list of Fixes and Release Dates for a version


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CA Automic One Automation


The Release Notes and Downloads tools on does not include older service pack and hotfixes versions (ie 12.3.1 or 12.3.2HF2) when current release is 12.3.7

We would need a complete list of 12.3 Service Packs and hotfixes including the date when they were released and what fixes were included in each.

How could we accomplish that?


Release : 12.x and superior

Product: Automic Automation


Limitation in the downloads portal and release notes page


We have added a new field (release date) in the Release notes page where you can see all the bugs / new enhancements added in all the service packs and hotfix of version 12.3.x

See for example an example here where you can get this information.

Furthermore, the Downloads page was also improved so that all 12.3.x versions can be downloaded and their release notes displayed.

Additionally, the Downloads API was improved as well to make the solution more complete with the new parameter list_release_notes:

An additional parameter has been added to to query the release notes list_release_notes


list_release_notes text yes lists release notes for a specific component_id & component_version_id in the component category