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RAJ - Rally Adapter for Jira - Which fields does the adapter support for syncing


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CA Agile Central SaaS (Rally)


Can we integrate the below fields between Rally and Jira using RAJ?

  • Feature Dependencies
  • Comments/Discussions
  • Story Dependencies
  • Tags/Labels
  • Refined Estimate
  • Risks (Object)



Release : SAAS

Component : Jira Adapter


All the information below is for mapping from Jira to Rally

  • Comments/Discussions -  Not supported.
  • Story AND Feature Dependencies - The integration will sync links between objects.  The object must exist in the same system/instance in Jira and Rally.  You will only need to sync either predecessor or successor.  not both.  Do not set this up bi-directionally
  • Tags/Labels - can’t create a new tag in Rally - you can only sync to tags that already exist in Rally.  We believe we will be able to bulk load the required tags outside the integration tool before this is turned on in the configuration
  • Refined Estimate - We have not tested this field, but we do think it will work if mapped to the same type of field in Jira
  • Risks (Object) -  We do not officially support it until 3.2 - this is conditional on the scenario.  What is your use case for this field sync?