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How to use MSP without using PPM timesheets in order to update the tasks completion % and automatically update Actuals.


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What are the required settings for Microsoft Project (MSP) and PPM if I want to enter time directly in MSP? 


There are three time tracking modes in PPM: 'PPM','None', and 'Other'. In order to enter actual hours manually from MSP, track mode must be set to 'None'.

Below is a brief explanation of the three track modes:

  • PPM Track Mode is used to track actuals via timesheets in PPM.
  • None Track Mode is be used with MSP or OWB as a scheduling tool. Using this mode, you can enter actuals directly in OWB or MSP.
    • In order to enter actuals it's also necessary that the resource track mode is set to None.
  • Other Track Mode is used when importing actuals from a third-party application.

If you would like to track actuals based upon % Complete in MSP, you can also do the following:

  • From MSP -> Tools -> Options -> Schedule: check the 'Update task status update resource status' checkbox.

When changing/updating the "% complete" in MSP, it will update the Actual hours accordingly.

Additional Information:

Reference Setup a Project for more information on setting up a project in PPM.


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