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MySQL upgrade: nonfatal error "v6_* functions will be unavailable for GlobalSync"


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The following error can be seen within the installation logs after the install reported a non-fatal error:

ERROR -     class NonfatalInstallException Error loading UDF plugin.  v6_* functions will be unavailable for GlobalSync, etc!!!


MySQL was not online when the commands for the deletion and reimport of the functions was run


All supported releases


In a fresh installation, it is very likely that the functions did not get installed at all which will make the database not function properly.  In the below case, this was due to the MySQL database not starting fast enough so the reinstall of the functions did not happen.  As this was an upgrade and the functions already existed, all was well, but if this was an initial install, it would not function.

1. During the upgrade MySQL is stopped but in this case it did not come down gracefully:

Oct 28 20:10:06 hostname mysql.server[21281]: Shutting down MySQL.... SUCCESS!
Oct 28 20:11:39 hostname systemd[1]: mysql.service start operation timed out. Terminating.
Oct 28 20:11:39 hostname  mysql.server[21374]: Starting MySQL...............................................................
Oct 28 20:13:09 hostname  systemd[1]: mysql.service stop-final-sigterm timed out. Killing.

2. We then started MySQL back up and it was slow to come back online but eventually did.  During this time the function reimport failed due to no MySQL connectivity:

Deleting UDF functions... Exit Code: 1  Err: [mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/opt/CA/MySql/data/mysql.sock' (2)

Installing UDF functions... Exit Code: 1  Err: [mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
ERROR 1125 (HY000) at line 3: Function 'v6_type' already exists

3. Just after this MySQL was online and fully operational and the remainder of the upgrade went off without a hitch.  In this example, the upgrade attempt was to 21.2.4 and you can see in here

| NetOPsVersion | Version    | InstallDate         | DbSchemaVersion | BuildDate                    | BuildNumber | Description |
| 21.2.4        | | 2021-10-28 20:25:12 |        | 758                          |         277 | CAPC        |

The steps with regard to the functions are a process of remove the ones that are there and reload them.  If this was a fresh install, there would be no functions but as this was an upgrade all is well as the functions have not changed and still exist fully.