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Username in Login objects cannot be used in Advanced Search


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


We would like to find in which Login object a particular Username is being used.

When using the Advanced search, with Filter criteria is Object content and the filters are set to search in all Object Types, including Login objects, I introduce the username (in this case univa) but no results are displayed.

But you can see that I have a Login object (LOGIN.UNIVA) with univa as Username/ID

Is this normal or is there a way to accomplish this using a query?


Release : 12.x and superior

Component : Automic Web Interface


This is normal behavior, see documentation here

Full text search for content available on the following pages of the object definition:

  • Process pages and sub pages (Pre ProcessPost ProcessChild Process)
  • Documentation pages and sub pages (both for structured and unstructured documentation)
  • Title of objects
  • Archive keys of objects
  • Keys and values in STATIC VARA objects

The field Username inside a Login object or a CONN object for example for the RA Agents, is not stored in the Lucene index, so it's normal that the advanced research won't find it.


This can be achieved by a SQL query to the database:

For example, for Oracle, this would be a query that you could use to find the username called "univa" in all the Login objects not deleted that are defined in the client 22:

select OH.OH_name,OLC.OLC_Login 
from OH,OLC
where OH_IDNR=OLC_OH_IDNR and 
OLC_Login like '%univa%' and
OH_CLIENT=22 and 

Example of the result: