Handling RC 75(041) on Datacom 1000 ALTER transaction
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Handling RC 75(041) on Datacom 1000 ALTER transaction


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I have started to execute some DDUPATE to activate DYNAMIC EXTEND and am receiving many RC 75(041) CXX VALIDATION ERRORs while doing it. 

How can I see the errors or mismatches and how can I bypass them?



Component : DATACOM/DB

Component : Datacom/AD


First, here is the meaning of RC 75(041) or 75(41) from the Messages documentation:

The BASE/AREA being updated using the Datacom Datadictionary batch 1000 transaction contained identification information that does not match the Directory (CXX). The information that does not match the CXX is one or more of the following items:
DATACOM NAME (area name, for AREA changes)

With SO09144 for 15.0 or RO97674 for 15.1, some of the mismatches seen during the 1000 ALTER processing will be corrected. From the solution text:

With the enhancement, a new DB00916W warning message describing the mismatch will be printed, the mismatch will be corrected and the update will proceed. This change only relates to mismatches of Name, Version or Status. Other types of mismatches will continue to prevent the update from being successful.

Therefore, with this solution applied, running the 1000 ALTER would help correct Name, Version, or Status mismatches where the CXX does not have the same value as the specified Datadictionary entity. In this case, the CXX would be changed to reflect the same value as is in the Datadictionary. Other problems with the ALTER of an area  (common ones are: area not defined with URI, or SQLname is missing) would not be corrected with this solution, and would still need to be corrected manually by creating a Test version of the database/area, changing the attributes (or adding new ones like dynamic extend attributes), copy the Test version to Prod, catalog it to the CXX and enable it. This will also result in the CXX and Datadictionary being synchronized.

Additional Information

As always, please contact Broadcom support for Datacom if you have further questions.