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Installation reported during nginx setup failed calling webhook "": 


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Installing version 21.3.using kubernetes V1.19.

for nginx I used the procedure 

kubectl apply -f

I have the following error:

[create] [ FAILED ] Ingress apmservices-gateway. Failure executing: POST at: 
 Message: Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "": 
 Post "https://ingress-nginx-controller-admission.ingress-nginx.svc:443/networking/v1beta1/ingresses?timeout=10s": 
 Service Unavailable. Received status: Status(apiVersion=v1, code=500, details=StatusDetails(causes=[StatusCause(field=null,
 message=failed calling webhook "": 
 Post "https://ingress-nginx-controller-admission.ingress-nginx.svc:443/networking/v1beta1/ingresses?timeout=10s":
 Service Unavailable, reason=null, additionalProperties={})], group=null, kind=null, name=null, retryAfterSeconds=null, uid=null, additionalProperties={}),
 kind=Status, message=Internal error occurred: failed calling webhook "": 
 Post "https://ingress-nginx-controller-admission.ingress-nginx.svc:443/networking/v1beta1/ingresses?timeout=10s":
 Service Unavailable, metadata=ListMeta(_continue=null, resourceVersion=null, selfLink=null, additionalProperties={}), 
 reason=InternalError, status=Failure, additionalProperties={}).


Release : 21.3

Component :


The solution is to run 
kubectl delete -A ValidatingWebhookConfiguration ingress-nginx-admission
based on