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After migrating to Spectrum 21.2.4 we are not able to SSH to our devices


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CA Spectrum


The SSH (Secure Shell) Tools no longer work from the OneClick Console after migrated the Spectrum to a new latest version from 10.2 to 21.2.4 on windows machine.

We get no error message, the SSH window is immediately closed without any error messages.



Default Option for Telnet / SSH is set to connect through OneClick server and SpectroSERVER.


Release : 21.2.x, 10.4.x

Component : OneClick


Under View, Preferences, Topology Tab, Telnet / SSH Connection Type changed from the default option of Connect to the device through OneClick web server and SpectroSERVER to

Connect to the device directly.



Changing this option and trying again allowed for SSH connection.

Additional Information

Topology Tab Preferences