UIM Operator Console wasp will not start successfully post upgrade to 20.3/20.4
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UIM Operator Console wasp will not start successfully post upgrade to 20.3/20.4


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Unified Infrastructure Management for Mainframe DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM) CA Unified Infrastructure Management SaaS (Nimsoft / UIM)


Since 20.3, post upgrade from earlier UIM versions, some leftover wasp webapp artifacts may interfere with wasp startup, for example on the OC Robot. This is normally evidenced by errors such as 'Max. Restarts' reached and/or the error->  "A child container failed during start" in the wasp log at loglevel 5.


- UIM/OC 20.3 or higher


- wasp webapp artifacts from versions < 20.3x


As a helpful reference, here are the wasp v20.3.3 default/out of the box webapps for reference:

Operator Console

Quick reference of valid webapps from the OC robot:

   - alarmviewer-api
   - nisapi
   - operatorconsole_portlet
   - samlsso
   - cabi
   - ROOT
   - slm
   - dashboard
   - mcs-ui-app
   - reportscheduler
   - accountadmin
   - policy_management_ws


List of obsolete wasp webapps from the OC Robot, in UIM 20.3 or later:

  - cabijs
  - cloudmonitor
  - dap
  - listdesigner
  - listviewer
  - mobile
  - mytickets
  - policyeditor
  - qoschart
  - relationshipviewer
  - reports
  - reportscheduler (UMP reportscheduler)
  - servicedesk
  - slareports
  - unifiedreports
  - usm
  - saml-portlet
  - ump-theme
  - portal-compat-hook
  - ump-read-only-theme

Via Raw Configure, one or more, or all of the obsolete webapps listed above may be deleted, then Deactivate wasp and then Activate it. It should then start.

If there are any undeleted folders of these webapps after the upgrade due to remote OC installation from Primary hub, users can manually delete them post installation of OC.

wasp webapps that can be manually upgraded

The following webapps can be manually upgraded post installation of OC 20.3.0 (or later). Users are notified during OC installation if any earlier versions of these webapps exist.

   - self_cert/ump_selfcert
   - uimapi
   - webservices_rest
   - ecometer_admin (dcimadmin)
   - ecometer_admin

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