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Changes To Existing LDAP For Unified Install Of Compliance Event Manager


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Compliance Event Manager


When doing a unified install of Compliance Event Manager and also having a standalone LDAP:

1) Do any changes need to be made to the existing CA-LDAP?
2) Does CA-LDAP have any interfaces with CEM? 


Release : 6.0

Component :


1. You should use the CALDAP proc provided in the unified install instead of modifying the existing one. You will need to specify a different port for the unified LDAP since you can't have 2 LDAPs running on the same port, but that should be the only thing that needs to be changed. 

2. LDAP does interface to CEM for writing to the policy database. You need to use LDAP to edit policy from the GUI. CEM does not pick up any LDAP definitions from the ESM.