What is the Upgrade Status Report Subobject process?
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What is the Upgrade Status Report Subobject process?


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Looking for information on the PMO accelerator process "Upgrade Status Report Subobject", is there any documentation on what is process do?


Release : 15.9.3


The PMO Accelerator includes the following documents (technically known as “project subobjects”,) which are based on the same subobjects in a BPA:

- Status Report
- Quality Attributes
- Scope
- Program Management Plan

Providing these subobjects ensures that CA Clarity PPM can provide updates and enhancements to these subobjects in future releases. The following upgrade processes to copy
your existing documents are provided:

- Upgrade Process BPA Subobject
- Upgrade Program Management Plan Subobject
- Upgrade Project Scope Subobject
- Upgrade Quality Attribute Subobject
- Upgrade Status Report Subobject

The PMO Accelerator provides an upgrade process for each subobject. Each process duplicates each of your existing individual documents created for the subobjects (each individual document is known as a subobject “instance”). The process will:

1. Create one instance of each instance of your existing subobjects, on the same project or program, for the PMO Accelerator subobject. For example, if you have 10 status reports for Project A, then the process creates duplicates of those instances for Project A for the PMO version of the subobject.
2. For each field ("attribute") that has an attribute with the an identical Attribute ID on the PMO Accelerator v2.0 subobject the process will copy the value from the BPA instance to the PMO Accelerator instance.

Important! The attribute IDs, type and size must match in order for the process to migrate its data.