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Windows PMImport 7.3.887 (November 5, 2021)


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Patch Management Solution


Windows PMImport 7.3.887 (November 5, 2021)


Please note the changes that may affect you in the article Patch Metadata Import HTTPs Support for 8.1.x and 8.5.x

Also note a change to the IP Address for PMImports as noted in Detailed Import Patch Management for Windows access to SolutionSam


Name Old Version New Version Update Time
PMImport 7.3.886 7.3.887 2021-11-05 19:52:53Z 2021-11-05 21:56:02Z

New bulletins:

Name Vendor Release date


LibreOffice 2021-11-05


Microsoft 2021-11-04


Microsoft 2021-11-05


Microsoft 2021-11-05


Microsoft 2021-11-05

Deleted products:

Name Vendor
Tableau Desktop 2018.3 Tableau Software

Deleted bulletins:

Name Vendor
PBID-211028 Microsoft
TABDESK2018-003 Tableau Software
TABDESK2018-006 Tableau Software
TABDESK2018-009 Tableau Software
TABDESK2018-010 Tableau Software
TABDESK2018-013 Tableau Software
TABDESK2018-018 Tableau Software
TABDESK2018-021 Tableau Software
TABDESK2018-024 Tableau Software
TABDESK2018-025 Tableau Software
TABDESK2018-030 Tableau Software
TABDESK20183-200124 Tableau Software
TABDESK20183-200227 Tableau Software
TABDESK20183-200331 Tableau Software
TABDESK20183-200430 Tableau Software
TABDESK20183-200527 Tableau Software
TABDESK20183-200625 Tableau Software
TABDESK20183-200803 Tableau Software
TABDESK20183-200827 Tableau Software
TABDESK20183-200930 Tableau Software